The Location.

We are East Bay Rowing, located on the east bay of Rhode Island.

Not to be confused with the EBR in California.

If you drive along the Barrington River during the spring, summer, or fall, you may have seen EBR shells gracing the water. We are lucky to be able to row alongside of osprey, heron, terrapin, eagles and occasionally alligators.😉 (see the video below of a speedy trip down Alligator Alley). We do water launch, so your feet will get wet.

In the off water season, you’ll find a room full of friendly rowing faces at the EBR gym in Warren RI. From thousands of erging meters to weight training to HIIT to yoga, Cutler is the space for your winter training.

The Farm (Walker Farm).

Walker Farm is a gorgeous park located in Barrington RI. EBR launches from this park. Use the link in the image to the left OR use 509 County Road Barrington RI in your maps app. This will bring you to the house just short of the dirt road entrance into Walker Farm. Do NOT park at the house. Click on the pic for a map.

The Gym (Cutler).

For foul weather training and all winter training we meet indoors a the the EBR gym. Located at 84 Cutler Street unit 16 in Warren. Click on the pic for a map.

The Regattas.

Throughout the seasons we go to a variety of regattas. From Boston, Lowell, Worcester, New Hampshire, and Baltimore, EBR races all over!

Take A Tour of Cutler

Click on the video to the right to peek inside EBR’s indoor space.

Speeding Through Alligator Alley

At certain tides, EBR will head to Alligator Alley. Aptly named for a friendly gator that pops his beady eyes out as us as we carefully row by him. Definitely a skeg eater if steer a poor line.

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