The Juniors.

East Bay Rowing offers rowing for youth ages 13 and up. We have boats for novice through varsity level rowers. EBR competes in about 4 regional regattas each season (spring and fall). Our coxswain training gives kids the knowledge and confidence to lead a boat of their peers. See below for more information about on water rowing, indoor conditioning and coxing.

The EBR Handbook also provides a ton of information about rowing with EBR.

The Indoor Season.

In the winter EBR rowers head indoors to Cutler, our gym. With tons of ergs and loads of creative workouts, junior rowers get great cross training for our on water seasons. The erg is a fantastic machine that works every part of your body with no impact. We train from November through March. EBR’s Indoor facility is located at 84 Cutler Street Warren RI.


The On Water Seasons.

SUMMER CAMPS: East Bay Rowing offers learn to row singles, learn to row team boats, and advanced team training. Our summer camps are one week and your rower can progress from singles to team rowing if they sign up for multiple weeks. Rowers must be 13 years of age and pass a swim test to join the fun!

JUNIOR FALL COMPETITIVE TEAM: Open to all rowers 13 years and older who have taken a learn-to-row class. The team is mix of supportive girls and boys. You must have prior zephyr experience AND a recommendation from your previous coach to sign up for this program. This is a competitive racing team – rowers will participate in up to 4 races throughout the spring and fall. Races will require travel and occur on the weekends. This program is treated as a highly committed and competitive program. Attendance at practices are required.

The Coxswain.

Coxing is an exciting and crucial role in rowing team boats. Good coxswains combine elements of steering, race strategy, technical coaching, and motivation to help their crews reach their potential. Coxswains do not physically row the boat, but they contribute to its speed by providing leadership and direction to their rowers. It is important to recognize that coxswains are really part of the crew. To learn more about the role of a coxswain click on the pic OR email

See Some of The Juniors

This video, made by now EBR Alum Elias, captures a fall season. Lots of rowing, smiles, some inside humor and hard work. Our junior team ROCKS!

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