THE (East Coast) EBR!

East Bay Rowing welcome you to join our incredible family. We will share the love of rowing with anyone interested.

Make getting on the water and learning this new sport YOUR goal for 2023.

EBR SWAG: click here to go to our RegattaSport online store. You will have to create an iTeams account and pick East Bay Rowing as your store. We also have some stuff in stock and will have it available at the beginning of each season.

The Juniors.

From learn to row to the junior competitive team, we have something for all 13-18 year olds. Click on the pic to learn all about the juniors!

The Masters.

Want to learn OR relearn rowing, challenge yourself with EBR. Our masters vary in all abilities, we just love to be on the water and together. Click on the pic to learn all about the masters.

The Location.

East Bay Rowing created a partnership with the Town of Barrington to launch from Walker Farm. Click on the pic to learn all about our practice locations.

We have a seat for you!

What is rowing?  It’s like kayaking right? But you go backwards? Why do you go backwards? How can you see anything? It looks easy, right? Who is the little person who yells? What do they do? Why are they small? Your arms are small, why? I love the rowing machine, it’s great right? What’s a 2K, that doesn’t seem far? Is a 2K hard? Why do you row so early in the morning? Do you know how to swim? Why are you so tall? Can I row if I am short? How do you not spin in circles? Why are you so tired?

And the best question we ever hear,


Our answer is absolutely YES!

We will always have a seat for you.


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